Trip planning

Nysse services are easy and carefree

With a little planning, you can make your first trip comfortable - and the next ones go smoothly with routine. The journey planner helps you plan your trip from your door to your destination. The bus and Ratikka have common tickets, so you can combine different means of transport as needed.

You can get on public transport with most aids and vehicles. If the journey to the stop is long, you can drive your own car to the access park and continue the journey by public transport.

Those traveling between Lempäälä, Nokia, Orivesi and Tampere can also quickly make the trip by train, where the trip is paid for with a Nysse season ticket. Those who need a door-to-door transport service should familiarize themselves with municipal service traffic.

Before your trip

Check the trip information in the journey guide

The route guide provides real-time schedules as well as information on service changes. The service works with the most common devices and browsers. You do not need to install a separate application.

Upload your travel card or buy a mobile ticket before your trip

The Nysse traffic area is divided into six zones A-F. The center of Tampere is in zone A. At least two adjacent zones are always selected for the ticket. Learn more about zones ›

Please be on time

Intermediate stop shcedules are always estemates. Due to different traffic or weather conditions, the schedule may differ few minutes. Wave your hand at the stop until the bus flashes in the direction of the stop. Learn more about stops ›

When you travel

  1. Keep the front of the doors clear to allow passengers to move smoothly. 

  2. Please note the facilities reserved for special groups. Keep your luggage on your lap or on the floor.

  3. Fill the standing places from the back of the bus. Move backward when space becomes free.

  4. Use headphones to listen to music, but pay attention to other passengers and possible announcements.

  5. Give the stop sign in time. Press the stop button when you see the name of your your stop at the top of the route screen. There is no need to give a stop signal at the tram, it always stops at every stop.