Usein kysyttyä uudesta linjastosta

How do I switch from the west when I come to the tram?

You can transfer at either Pyynikintori or Tuulensuu tram stops. If your line runs through Amuri, you can get off the bus on Satakunnankatu, from where there is a 150-meter walk to Pyynikintori. You can also transfer to the tram by getting off in Hämeenpuisto and walking about 150 meters to the Tuulensuu tram stop at the end of Hämeenkatu.

Where do I transfer from the East when I come to the tram?

You can transfer to the tram on Kauppi campus, Hakametsä, Sammonaukio or the train station. At each stop area, the bus stop is close to the tram stop.

Where do I transfer from the south when I come to the tram?

You can transfer to Ratikka in Sorin aukio or at the train station. The stops at the railway station are close to the tram stops, on Hämeenkatu and in front of the station on Rautatienkatu.

Why is there an transfer connection to the city center from my own area?

During the various stages of the planning, areas where bus lines currently operate on the same route as tram lines were reviewed. In accordance with the planning principles outlined by the Public Transport Board, public transport can be used to connect to the tram if the route overlaps with the tram line or the line cannot provide a connection to the Tampere city center on an alternative route.

Even if the journey includes a transfer in the future, connecting traffic will secure a new connection to the area's own regional center or commercial services. In addition, unlike the service level in the area, access traffic enables a better turnaround offer.

Why is there a transfer connection to Tays Central Hospital from my own area?

Overlapping bus and tram lines have been cut from the line. In this way, in some areas, the connection to Tays Central Hospital becomes possible. This is the case, for example, between Vuores - Hervanta - Tays Central Hospital, when Ratikka 3 replaces the route section of line 5 from Hervanta to Hakametsä.

In the future, you can travel from Vuores to the city center on lines 5 or 35 and change to Ratikka 1 in Sorin aukio or in Koskipuisto. Line 35 travels to the city center in 19 minutes. Tram 1 drives to Tays Central Hospital in 11 minutes. The waiting time at the changeover stop is not long, as trams arrive on frequent intervals.

From Hervanta there is a direct connection to Tays Central Hospital by bus 38, which travels through Linnainmaa. A route with a transfer is with Ratikka 3 up to Hakametsä, from where you can arrive to the hospital by transferring to bus line 16. You can also continue to Sammonkatu with the tram, from where you can transfer to the hospital with Ratikka 1.

Where can I find the timetables in the future?

Timetables can be found in the route guide for each operating season. Fall schedules will appear closer to the start of the season. Schedules can also be viewed in -sites schedules and routes section..

Our goal is to install schedules on stop shelters during the summer. Many central stops have digital, real-time timetable displays.

The timetables will no longer be distributed at home, nor will they be distributed on public transport.Pre-printed timetables are available at Nyssen's customer service as well as in local libraries and service points. You can print the schedule of the line's departure station for yourself from the route guide (weekly schedule) or from the page 

Why do some lines only operate on school days?

This is already the case on some of the lines. In connection with the line change, the development of the number of passengers on all lines was reviewed. On some of the lines that specifically serve schoolchildren, passenger numbers collapsed by as much as 95% during school holidays. With the difference between the number of passengers on school days and a school holidays being so large, it will not be profitable to provide the service on all days.

Why is the service in my area ending?

During various planning stages, the number of passengers on all lines and areas were reviewed. In addition, the development of these numbers was checked. Based on these results this, in some areas, the current public transport service will be replaced by an alternative means of travel. These include alternative connections, or a combination of walking or cycling and trams, or service transport.

An alternative connection means that in the future the distance to the nearest stop may be longer or the stop may be located on a different street. In some areas, the best public transport service is achieved by combining walking or cycling and a tram.

In addition, the door-to-door service model organized by Tuomi Logistics operates in the Tampere Metropolitan Area. This means that the connection to, for example, your own regional center or commercial services can take place directly from your home yard.

Why doesn't the tram stop at Hermia?

There is a stop reservation for Hermia. Currently, traffic to the Hermia tram stop is not profitable outside of everyday peak times, and with current traffic, traffic only to the Hermia stop would mean a poorer service offering in the South Hervanta and Hervantajärvi areas. A model in which some of the tram shifts have a different route is cumbersome and unclear for the customer.

Hermia will continue to have connections on several bus lines, and in addition, as a separate project of the city, non-motorized traffic connections will be developed from Insinöörinkatu stops to Hermia's school and workplaces.

Why doesn't the tram stop in Vuohenoja?

There is a bus reservation at Vuohenoja. In the general planning phase of the tramway, the number of passengers at the stop was included in the review, and at that time it has been established that the land use and population of Palvaanniemi and Vuohenoja are currently insufficient for the commissioning of the tramway stop. In addition, there are no large workplaces or services there.

Since the tram stops at each stop, all stops must have enough users. One stop extends travel time by at least a minute. However, it has been desired to maintain a stop reservation, so a stop can be made if it is later deemed necessary. There will continue to be several frequent bus lines from Vuohenoja compared to Messukylänkatu.

Why is there no Tuulensuu bus stop on Hämeenkatu?

Placing bus stops in connection with Tuulensuu tram stops would cause traffic challenges. The Main Library Metso and Aleksanterin kirkko bus stops are less than a 5-minute (200-300 meter) walk to Tuulensuu.

How do I travel to Hatanpää Hospital?

Connections to Tays Hatanpää are planned from as wide an area as possible. You travel to the front of the hospital on lines 11, 13 and 15. There are change points for the lines in many places:

  • Line 11 comes to the hospital from Ranta-Tampella via the railway station and Sorin aukio and in the other direction from Pirkkala, Pere, Partola and Toivio.
  • Line 13 operates to Hatanpää Hospital from Tesoma via Ikuri, Lielahti, Santalahti and Hämeenpuisto. In the other direction, the connection is direct from Hervanta via Hallilla, Koivistonkylä and Taatala.
  • Line 15 can take you to Hatanpää Hospital from western Tampere, the Villilä and Rahola areas and the Pispala highway. In the south, the line route runs from Peltolammi and Multisilla.

In addition, lines 8, 12, 30 and 31 operate on the Hatanpää highway. The hospital is about a 10-minute walk away (about 500 meters).

How do I travel to Tays Central Hospital?

There is a fast connection to Tays Central Hospital via the tram in Ratikka 1. There are direct bus connections on lines 6, 11, 16, 17, 18, 28, 29, 38, 41, 90.

  • Lines 6, 28, 29, and 90 are connections from Northeast Tampere and the city center.
  • Line 11 is a fast connection from Ranta-Tampella. The bus continues in the city center in the direction of the train station and Ratina.
  • Lines 16, 17 and 18 are connecting lines from Northeast Tampere.
  • Line 38 is a fast connection to the hospital from Lentävänniemi, via Lielahti and Rantatunneli.
  • Line 41 is a fast connection from Kangasala.

How do I travel to Pitkäniemi Hospital?

Tays Pitkäniemi is served by line 15B. The route passes through Pispala, Epilä, Kaarila, Rahola and Villilä.

In the city center you can get a ride from Ratina from Sorin aukio, the railway station, Jussinkylä, Finlayson and Amur. In the south, the line comes from Höytämö via Hatanpää.

When planning the schedules of the line, an attempt has been made to take into account the hospital's shifts and the related needs for the use of public transport.

How do I travel to Pirkkala Airport?

Connections to Pirkkala Airport and flights are planned as a separate entity when air traffic returns after the corona. More flexible connections are planned for air passengers with call traffic: the customer can order a call-guided and routed ride to the station.

On elementary school days, there is traffic on line 39A between Suupantori and the Airport. The bus runs from Suupa to the Airport in the morning and from the Airport to Suupa in the afternoon.