The bus lines undergo changes

The bus and tram traffic are integrated into a seamless and cost-effective package. April 11, 2019 the Tampere Region Public Transport Commission made a decision on the route.

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Tramway enables growth and development

The tramway work is changing Tampere’s cityscape and, for example, the city will eventually have a completely new Hämeenkatu. Since the convenient new tram cars can carry three busloads of passengers, it will free up space on main downtown streets and in Hervanta for walking, cycling and hanging out. The reliability of bus traffic will also improve on feeder lines because the bus routes will be shorter. This will make it easier to use electric buses on shorter routes. Public transport that produces lower emissions will improve air quality in Tampere’s busy traffic areas.

The tramway also provides significant indirect emissions reductions by allowing a denser city structure, improving public transport services and making them available to more people.

Flexible interchanges

In addition to providing a new mode of transport, the tramway will connect homes, schools, workplaces and services. An attractive city offers its residents quality services, a pleasant environment and a smooth everyday life with convenient transport.

It will be easy and convenient to connect bus and tram connections with the same ticketing system. Interchanging is made as smooth, safe and easy as possible.

There will be several changes in Pirkkala bus lines.

Also the line numbers may still change.