Nysse tickets are valid also on the tram

You can pay your tram trip with Nysse travel card or a mobile ticket. Show the travel card or your mobile ticket to the card reader every time when entering the tram. 

Nysse also introduces contactless payment in 2021 in buses and in trams. In the beginning you can pay a single fare with your contactless payment card. Read more about con­tact­less pay­ment.

Single tickets are not sold in the tram. You can buy a single ticket in advance from any of our top up points. We will inform when the tickets are available. If you buy a single ticket from a bus (in cash), you can travel with it in the tram during the validity of the ticket. Show the ticket to the inspector when asked.

A passenger travelling with a child in a pram or a stroller may travel free of charge in  trams and buses.

The ticket needed in trams includes zones A-B. The tram stops with every stop. There is no need to wave your hand or search for the stop-button.