In Tampere, we will move to the tram period in stages. Passengers will be able to get on board next spring, in April 2021, when the test runs will move to open test traffic. During the test traffic, which runs from April to August, there are still no scheduled services. Test traffic is used to test, for example, stop functions, information systems and the functionality of the entire service chain with the help of paying customers.

The actual tram traffic will start on Monday, August 9, 2021. In this case, all public transport will be on the new route: the tram lines Hervanta - Pyynikintori and Kauppi Kampus - Sorin Square will complement the public transport complex. Timetables and all the necessary information for traveling can be found on Nysse's website. The information will be added and updated, for example for line codes, once the final decisions have been made.