Effects of the industrial actions on Nysse traffic from 1 to 2 February

Thursday 25. January 2024 klo 12.09

This news update follows the impact of the strikes on Nysse traffic from 1 to 2 February 2024 .
The news has been updated on 31 Jan 10:20. More known services to operate on line 95.
Updated on 2 Feb 2024 at 9.50 a.m. Added information that the total number of bus shuttles will be about 20%.

The strikes announced by the AKT (Finnish Transport Workers’ Union) bus drivers and the Public Services and Welfare Union (JHL) will stop all Nysse traffic on Friday 2 February 2024. Some individual bus services may run on Friday 2 February. On Thursday 1 February, buses, trams and trains will run normally.

Any refund policy for season tickets will be announced on the Nysse website after the end of the situation.

Effects of the strike on Friday

The strike will affect drivers' shifts starting on Friday 2 February.

  • During the night between Thursday and Friday, trams and buses will run until the end of Thursday's shifts, around 2am.
  • On Saturday morning, tram services will start on line 3 from the Hervanta campus to Santalahti at 05.08 and from Santalahti to Hervanta at 05.47. On Saturday, the first services on line 1 will depart from Kauppi Kampus at 06.46 and from Sorin aukio at 06.30.
  • Bus services on all lines will return to normal on Saturday morning at around 04-05. If individual night services run before this time, they will appear in the journey planner.

Bus services on Friday 2.2.

Some bus lines will run as normal. Some lines may have single departures. In total, around 20% of bus services are operated.

Operators have announced the following routes/departures:

  • Lines 37, 39, 43U and 86 will operate normally.
  • On line 47, there will be some services.
  • The following services will be operated on line 95:
    • 6.00 Mänttä – 7.00 Orivesi – 7.50 Tampere
    • 6.15 Virrat - 7.50 Orivesi - 8.40 Tampere
    • 8.00 Tampere – 8.45 Orivesi
    • 9.05 Orivesi – 9.50 Tampere
    • 10.10 Tampere – 10.55 Orivesi
    • 12.20 Tampere - 13.05 Orivesi - 14.20 Virrat
    • 13.00 Orivesi – 13.45 Tampere
    • 14.50 Virrat - 16.15 Orivesi - 17.00 Tampere
    • 15.15 Tampere – 16.02 Orivesi – 17.15 Mänttä
    • 17.30 Tampere - 18.15 Orivesi - 19.25 Virrat
  • On route 60U the following services will be operated:
    • 15.25 Valkeakoski - Tampere
    • 19.20 Tampere - Valkeakoski
  • On route 69U there will be some services.

See the journey planner for the bus services on Friday

Information on any running services will be updated in the Nysse journey planner from Thursday 1 February at 16:00, and also on the day of the strike on 2 February. You should check the timetable for your own departure just before leaving. The information for the U-lines is not updated in the journey planner, so you should therefore ask the operator to be sure.

Due to the large number of cancelled services, they are not all shown on the Disruptions page. On the X-message service Nysseinfo, cancelled services are exceptionally not shown at all on Friday.

Up-to-date traffic on strike day: reittiopas.tampere.fi /en>

How to find the strike time information for your stop in the journey planner

The journey planner will show you the traffic situation on the day of the strike.

The best way to see the situation on your route is to use the stop search:

  1. Select a stop on the map (if you are using a mobile phone, you can open the map by clicking on the Buses and nearby stops on map -button).
  2. Select the correct day from the timetable box. Select "tomorrow" if you are looking for Friday on Thursday.
  3. Cancelled departures are crossed out in red. Note: In the event of a strike, all departures will at first be cancelled. Operators will add departures back to the timetable according to the driver information they receive.

Visual instructions for viewing the stop timetable.

Please note that U-lines are not Nysse traffic and we cannot remove them from the service. They will therefore appear incorrectly in the journey planner on the day of the strike.