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Customer service

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The price of the call
Mobile call charge/local network charge. Queuing is chargeable.


Postal address
The city of Tampere, Urban environment and infrastructure services, Regional Transport

P.O. Box 487
FI-33101 Tampere


We develop public transport by listening to the residents of the region and anticipating future needs. We are glad to receive ideas and thoughts about our service.

We only respond to feedback from individual parties. Usually we answer within a few working days, sometimes it can take longer to solve the situation. Accurate information of what has happened speeds up the process.

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Lost and found

You can inquire about your lost travel card from the Nysse customer service. Other found items are delivered few times a week to the lost property office. 

PLT - Pirkanmaan Löytötavaratoimisto
Suvantokatu 10, 33100 Tampere
0600 300 758 (from 2,18 €/min+inc)

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