You will need just one ticket

In Nysse area you can pay for your train trips with Nysse travel cardmobile tickets or advance ticket. Nysse tickets are valid between Nokia, Lempäälä, Orivesi, Tesoma and Tampere.

Tickets can be used on commuter traffic trains (R and M trains) and on long-distance trains (Intercity, Pendolino and rail buses) in Eko class. 

Nysse tickets are valid between Nokia/Lempäälä/Orivesi/Tesoma–Tampere.

Train connections

  • Nokia - Tampere: 3 zones, ABC
  • Lempäälä - Tampere: 3 zones, ABC
  • Orivesi - Tampere: 5 zones, ABCDE
  • Tesoma - Tampere: 2 zones, AB 
  • Tesoma - Nokia: 2 zones, BC

Always verify your ticket on the device at the train station platform, before getting on the train. 

More information about the zones

Pay with a travel card

Order a travel card in advance from the online service. The delivery time of the card is 1-2 weeks. If you need a card to use faster, buy it from Nysse's customer service.

Buy a value ticket or a season ticket from the online service at least 2 hours before the trip, so that the ticket can be loaded onto the card with the ticket machine on the station platform. Tickets that can be loaded onto the travel card are also available at Nysse sales points.

Buy a ticket from Nysse Mobiili

Download Nysse Mobiili to your phone from the app store. You can register for the service, but you can also use it without registering.

Pay for the ticket purchase with a Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard payment card, MobilePay or mobile payment. Nysse Mobiili's single ticket, day ticket and student season ticket start from the moment of purchase, so it is best to get the ticket only a moment before your journey.

Illustration: A passenger checking a mobile ticket at the train station platform.


The fare of the ticket is affected by your age group and the number of zones selected for the ticket.

The night fare is charged in addition to the single ticket between 00:00 and 04:40 with the value of the travel card or the payment method selected in Nysse Mobiili app. No night fare is charged for season tickets.


Check in at the train station platform

Always verify your ticket on the device at the train station platform, before you get on the train. The devices work in the same way as on buses and trams but you cannot change or select the zones for a travel card ticket with the device. If the zones are not suitable for your trip, buy a Nysse mobile ticket or choose a VR ticket.

Place your travel card in the front reader of the ticket device. A ticket purchased in the online service will activate on the device. Travel card balance will update onto your account within 24 hours.

Show your mobile ticket to the reader at the bottom of the ticket device. Open the ticket and place your phone screen up on the level of the device. Align the QR code with the reader's green light.

Illustration: A passenger checking in at the train station platform using travel card.

Penalty fare

On trains, VR’s commuter traffic conductors verify the right of the passengers to be on the train by inspecting their tickets. A penalty fare of €80 can be imposed on travelers without a confirmed ticket entitling them to train travel.

Ticket devices on the station platforms

The ticket devices are marked on Nysse's blue sign. Nysse is responsible for the devices. Device malfunctions can be reported using the feedback form.

Train schedules

Check the timetables of the Nysse area train stations in the Nysse Journey Planner. From the station-specific links, you can check the location of the station on the map, the next departures and train schedules.

Train timetables can also be found on VR's website.

Instructions for train travelling

With Nysse tickets, you cannot reserve a seat on the train. You can sit in free seats in Eco class but not in seats with extra charge. Give priority to a passenger who has reserved a seat.

The seats in the restaurant car are intended for customers of the restaurant. If the train is very full, please wait for the next train if possible or search an alternative trip in the Nysse Journey Planner.

VR - Travelling by train in the Nysse area


Children aged 0–6 years are allowed to travel with you free of charge in the train when you are using a Nysse ticket. If you are using a VR ticket, please follow VR's ticket rules.

The journey of a passenger carrying a child in a pram or stroller on a local train is free of charge. On the long-distance train, the passenger must have a ticket, but the child's journey is free of charge.

VR - Children


Pets are welcome to travel with you in the pet section of the train.

VR - Pets


Bicycles can be transported on commuter trains in the area reserved for them free of charge. On the IC train, a place for a bicycle must be reserved in advance.

VR - Bicycles


Not all commuter trains in the Nysse area are accessible.

VR - Accessibility

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