Nysse Mobiili is a mobile application, where you can buy

The tickets are valid in buses, trams and trains in the zones of your choise.

The night fare will be added on the price of the single ticket at 00.00 - 04.40. The tickets can be paid payed by Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard, MobilePay or mobile payment.

How to pay with Nysse Mobiili app

Download the Nysse Mobiili app from your app store.

  1. Select the ticket type, zones and your customer group.
  2. Select the payment method, check the ticket information and pay for the ticket. The ticket opens on your phone's screen and the validity period starts.
  3. Show the ticket code to the bottom reader of the ticket device on each of your trips.

In buses and trams, the ticket device can be found near the entrance. On train journeys, the ticket device is on the station platform, which means that the right to travel has to be confirmed before boarding the train.

Buy the mobile ticket a moment before your trip

A ticket purchased from the Nysse Mobiili app will activate at the time of purchase. The ticket must be valid before boarding the bus, tram or train.

Confirm the validity of the ticket with the ticket device on each of your trips. On train journeys, the ticket machine can be found on the station platform.

Confirm the validity of your ticket on each of your trips. An inspection fee (€ 80) can be charged for passengers traveling without a confirmed ticket or the right to travel free of charge.

A ticket for a friend?

You can buy a ticket also for your friend if you travel together. Each ticket must be purchased individually. After your purchase, tickets will appear under Tickets. Be sure to choose the right age group for your friend.

Confirm both tickets on all your trips. You can find the tickets in the Nysse Mobile Tickets menu.

Children aged 0–6 years do not need a ticket when they are travelling with an older passenger. A screenshot or a screen recording of the ticket is not eligible ticket for travelling.

Do you need to renew your device?

As a registered user, you can access the purchase history with a new or another device.  Create a username in the app or on the administration page: mobiilinysse.fi.

The service can also be used without creating a user ID.

Other features


You can find Nysse’s news bulletins and buy tickets directly from the homepage by selecting a ticket product at the top of the page.


You can view your valid and expired tickets as well as your purchase history and receipts. You can see the ticket information by clicking the ticket row.

Purchising history and receipts

You can view the purchases you have made and send a receipt to a selected email address. Please notice that your purchase history will not be transferred if you switch to a different phone or user ID. Registered users can also view their purchase history at http://mobiilinysse.fi.

Travel guide

The app uses the journey planner at https://reittiopas.tampere.fi


You can view your user ID, change language, add payment cards and check your purchase history. Please notice that your purchase history will not be transferred if you switch to a different phone or user ID.

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