Nysse Mobiili is an application, where you can buy a ticket on your mobile device:

  • Mobile Single Ticket is valid for 90 minutes immediately after a confirmed purchase. Between 12 midnight and 4:40 a.m., the night fare is added to the price of the mobile ticket automatically.
  • Mobile Day Ticket  is valid for 24 hours. The ticket becomes valid immediately after a confirmed purchase. No additional fees will be charged during the night time.

The ticket is payed by Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard. Single and day tickets can also be paid by phone bill (mobile payment). Download the Nysse Mobiili app from Google Play or the App Store and ad your payment card to the service.

The service can be used without creating a user ID. As a registered user, you can access the purchase history with a new or another device and through the Nysse Mobiili online service: mobiilinysse.fi.

Buying a mobile ticket

  1. Select the ticket type: single ticket or 24-hour ticket.
  2. Select at least two adjacent zones for the ticket. Tampere belongs for the most part to zones A-B.
  3. Select your customer group (adult, young or child).
  4. Select payment method. Any payment card you add will be the default, or you can add a payment card at this point. Paying by phone bill is also an option (mobile payment). Press the Continue button.
  5. Check the ticket information. Change your selections or cancel your purchase by pressing BACK. By pressing PAY you accept the purchase, the ticket will open on the screen and its validity period will start.

Want to buy a ticket for a friend too?

You can also use the app to buy tickets for a friend if you travel together. Children under the age of 7 do not need a ticket with an older passenger.

Get aboard and confirm the ticket

Place your phone below the ticket reader and align the QR code with the green light on the device. Many ticket readers have an auxiliary level for the phone.

Have a nice trip!

Student’s 30-day season ticket

Full-time students who have turned 17 years of age are eligible for an affordable 30-day season ticket from Nysse Mobiili. Night fares, upper age limits or home municipality restrictions are not applied. Download the app and register as Nysse Mobiili user.

Purchasing a ticket

A new ticket will cancel out any active seasons, so it is recommended you thoroughly consider the time when you will purchase the ticket. The season begins from the moment the ticket is purchased. For example, a ticket purchased on 4 January 2021 at 3.07 p.m. is valid until 3.07 p.m. on 3 February 2021.

  1. Open Nysse Mobiili and log in.
  2. Choose the Season ticket tab.
  3. Choose the zones.
  4. Choose Student as the customer group.
    You will directed to http://mobiilinysse.fi/en/ to identify as a student if you have not done so already. Log in and choose Identify as a student. Use strong electronic identification, copy the link for a transcript of studies from Studyinfo and paste it to the service. The service will notify you if the identification as a student is successful.  Return to Nysse Mobiili application.

  5. Pay for the ticket with a Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard.

How to identify as a student (PDF) ›


Always show the QR code of the ticket to the reader at the bottom of the device when boarding. The ticked is valid for selected zones on buses, trains and tram, which will start operating in August 2021. When travelling by train, the ticket machine can be found on platforms in Tampere, Lempäälä, Nokia and Orivesi.

Download Nysse Mobiili - GooglePlay ›
Download Nysse Mobiili - AppStore ›

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Other features

Home: You can find Nysse’s news bulletins and buy tickets directly from the homepage by selecting a ticket product at the top of the page.

Tickets: You can view your valid and expired tickets as well as your purchase history and receipts. You can see the ticket information by clicking the ticket row.

Purchising history and receipts: You can view the purchases you have made and send a receipt to a selected email address. Please notice that your purchase history will not be transferred if you switch to a different phone or user ID. Registered users can also view their purchase history at http://mobiilinysse.fi.

Travel guide: The app uses the journey planner at https://reittiopas.tampere.fi

Info: You can view your user ID, change language, add payment cards and check your purchase history. Please notice that your purchase history will not be transferred if you switch to a different phone or user ID.

Links and more information

Nysse customer service