Order a travel card from Nella

The travel card can be ordered at home from the Nella.fi online service or purchased from customer service for € 5. Value tickets and season tickets are loaded on the travel card at Nella or at points of sale.

Customer data is collected from the population register with a personal identity number. Nella uses the online identification service and Suomi.fi authorizations when dealing with another (eg a dependent child). Customer service must be accompanied by an identity card. The child also has a valid Kela card.

The card acquirer must accept the general travel and travel card terms and conditions for public transport in the Tampere region. A travel card can be borrowed for the use of another person if the card does not have a personal ticket and the age group of the card is suitable for the borrower.

Travel card for a company or without personal information

You can also obtain a travel card from Nyssen's customer service in the name of a company or an individual without storing personal information. In this case, an age group is set on the card, which can be changed if necessary in customer service:

  • children 0-16 years
  • young people aged 17-24 or
  • adults over 25 years of age

An individual holder card cannot be closed, replaced or downloaded online. The company card stores company information, so download it at Nella and close it by notifying customer service.