Travel card tickets

You can load your travel card with

You can buy the travel card from the online service or from customer service. By purchasing the card, you accept the Nysse Ticket and Travel Terms. We save your personal information in the customer register so that we can serve you in the best way.


Travel card manual

Shop online

In online store, your information will be checked in the identification service. You can also order a travel card for your dependent children. If you are acting on behalf of a spouse or other person, make sure that the e-Authorizations are in order.

You can pay for your purchases via online banking, payment card or mobile payment (Paytrail payment service). The travel card will be mailed within a few business days. Please also take into account the time it takes to transport the mail. manual

Shop at customer service

Customer service is located in the center of Tampere, at Frenckellinaukio.  Bring your ID: identity card, driver's license, passport or Kela-card with a photo. For children, we also accept the Kela card without a photo.

You can also obtain a holder-specific travel card. An age group is set on the travel card, which can be changed in customer service, if necessary (children: 0–16 years old, young people: 17–24 years old, adults: over 25 years old).

  • Tickets for an individual holder's travel card cannot be purchased online. The card cannot be closed or replaced if it is lost. Personal data will not be saved.
  • Tickets for the company's travel card can be purchased in the online store. The card can be closed and replaced if it is lost. Company details will be saved to customer register.

Customer service

Select zones for your ticket

Nysse service area is divided into 6 payment zones A, B, C, D, E and F. The heart of the area is in zones A and B in Tampere. Other zones surround the center of the area.

Always select at least 2 adjacent zones for your ticket, even if your trip is in only one zone. The prize of your ticket is based on to the number of the selected zones.

Payment zones

Nysse zones

How to pay with travel card

The best ticket for regular travelling is the season ticket. You can also buy value on to your travel card in € 10-120 increments. With the value you can pay a single ticketnight fare and some public sports services.

Confirm your rights to travel by showing your travel card to the front reader of the ticket device on each of your trips.

  • In the bus and tram, the device can be found near the entrance.
  • For train journeys, the ticket device is at the station platform. Confirm your season ticket before boarding the train. It is not possible to buy a single ticket for train with the travel card.

If you travel at night, make sure you have enough value on your travel card to pay for the night fare at 00.00 - 04.40 a.m. The fare will be charged automatically from the value ticket on buses, trams and trains. You can pay the fare with cash only on a bus. You cannot pay only the fare by contactless payment or Nysse Mobiili app.

Public sports services

You can pay for a ticket to public swimming pools and gyms at Tampere, Nokia and Ylöjärvi with the value on your travel card. The entrance gate of the service opens with your travel card and the fare will be charged from the value.

Payment with travel card

How to choose zones for exceptional trip

If the default zones of your travel card ticket are not suitable for your bus or tram trip, you can choose the needed zones on the bus or tram ticket device. The price of the trip will be charged from the value ticket. You cannot buy a single ticket for train with travel card.

Do not show your travel card in the ticket reader, but proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Poikkeusmatka (exceptional trip).
  2. Choose the needed zones.
  3. Show your travel card on the reader.

The device will charge the price of the trip from the value ticket. You can travel one or more trips in the zones of your choice for 90 minutes. Choose exceptional zones only on your first trip. For other trips, all you have to do is show your travel card in the ticket reader.

How to pay for friends trips

You can buy a single ticket for your friend with your travel card if you travel together. 

  • Show your travel card to the ticket machine again after your own payment. The price will be charged according to your age group, so it must also apply to your friend.
  • You can pay the trip for nine people if the trip includes transfers. When transferring, the travel card is shown to the ticket machine as many times as tickets have been purchased on the first trip.
    If you do not transfer, you can pay for as many persons as needed.
  • If you leave the ride at different stops, leave your travel card with your friend for a possible ticket inspection.

Loss of travel card

Travel cards found on the means of transport will be delivered to Nysse's customer service within a couple of days. The owner of the card will be notified by text message. You can change your phone number to the customer register in the online store or customer service.

If the card is not found?

Close your travel card by calling or visiting at our customer service. Personal information is required to close the card. The card cannot be closed in the online service.

Buy a new travel card to replace the lost one in customer service. The lost card will be canceled and the tickets will be transferred to a new card. A handling fee of € 7 is charged for the transfer and a card fee of € 5 for a new travel card. Bring your ID (the child also has a valid Kela card). Remember to add your new travel card to your online store user account.

The holder-specific travel card cannot be closed or replaced with a new one. Cards found will be invalidated and tickets will not be refunded as their owner cannot be identified.

The company travel card can be closed and replaced in a new usual way. Company and travel card information is required to identify the travel card holder.

Finding a travel card

You can give the travel card you find to the driver, the point of sale or our customer service. No discovery fee is paid.

The owner of the travel card will be notified when the card is found by text message. You can check or change your phone number saved in the customer registe in the online store.

If you find your own closed travel card yourself, do not use it until you have reported it to customer service. The card will be opened and you will receive instructions on when the card can be used again.

Damaged travel card

The travel card has a five-year warranty. You will receive a new travel card free of charge at customer service if the card is damaged without your own fault or negligence. If the card has been intentionally damaged, a card fee of € 5.00 will be charged for the new card and a handling fee of € 7.00 for the ticket transfer.

Bring a damaged travel card and your ID to the service point (identity card, driving license, passport or Kela-card with a photo, for children we also accept a photoless Kela card).

Ticket information for a holder-specific or company travel card cannot be determined without a card number. If the card number printed on the card has expired, bring a recharge receipt or other document that will show the number with you.

Termination of the travel card

You can keep your travel card  even if you do not need it anymore. If you want to end your customer relationship, return your travel card to customer service. In addition to the travel card, you must have an identity card: identity card, driving license, passport or Kela-card with photo. For children, we also accept a photoless Kela card.

Card fee is non-refundable, but remaining tickets can be refunded. The value of the refund is calculated according to the valid fares. The remaining season ticket is converted into a value ticket and the value is refunded in cash. A handling fee of € 7 will be charged for the refund.

Tickets on the holder-specific travel card will not be refunded. More detailed information can be found in the ticket and travel terms.

If you are prevented to visit our customer service, you can make a power of attorney for another person who can handle the matter for you. The person using the power of attorney must prove his or her identity.

Power of attorney ›

Borrowing a travel card

A travel card can be borrowed if there is no personal ticket and the age group of the card is suitable for the borrower.

  • The card for a child aged 7-16 can only be borrowed for the use of another child.
  • A card for a 17-24 year old can be borrowed for the use of another young person or child.
  • An adult card over the age of 25 can be borrowed for use by anyone.
  • A senior card over the age of 65 can be borrowed for use by anyone outside the senior discount period. During the discount period, daily from 9 am to 2 pm, the card may only be borrowed to another person over the age of 65.

Age group on the travel card

The age group is based on the travel card owner's date of birth and it changes automatically as the age increases.

  • The adult age group includes those over 25 years of age.
  • The young age group includes 17-24 year olds.
  • The age group of children includes 7-16 year olds.

Seniors over the age of 65 receive a discount on value-for-money travel daily from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Juniors 0-6 years old are allowed to travel free of charge with an older passenger.

The age group of corporate and holder-specific travel cards can be changed at the customer service point, as the cards do not store the user's date of birth, but a permanent age group.