Three zone system

Nysse service area is divided into zones A, B and C. The heart of the area is in Tampere in the A and B zones, which are surrounded by the C zone. The zone boundaries are based on the service provision of the regions.

In addition to Tampere, the service area includes Kangasala, Lempäälä, Nokia, Orivesi, Pirkkala, Vesilahti and Ylöjärvi. Valkeakoski uses the Nyssen ticketing system, but transport is organised by the city of Valkeakoski and the Pirkanmaa Ely Centre.

Buy a ticket for zones AB, BC or ABC

The ticket price depends on whether you choose two or three zones. A two-zone ticket is the cheapest option, even if you only travel in one zone. Select the zones

How to pay

View the zone boundaries in the Nysse Journey Planner

The zone limits can be displayed on the Nysse Journey Planner map. Make the zones visible in the service settings. The zones are also shown in the stop information in Nysse's timetable services.

Are the travel card zones not suitable for your trip?

If your travel card has a ticket for AB zones, and you are about to travel for example through BC zones, buy a single ticket in the bus or tram with the value of the travel card.

  1. Press Change zones on the ticket device.
  2. Select zones.
  3. Use the travel card in the reader.

On ticket devices located at railway stations, zones cannot be changed. 

Travel card manual

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