The student season ticket is on the Nysse Mobiili

Full-time students aged 17 and over can buy a 30-day student ticket on the Nysse Mobiili app.

A student season ticket is valid for 30 days. The ticket has an unlimited number of trips and it is valid for selected zones on buses, trams as well as trains in Nysse area. Night fares are not applied. The right to travel must be confirmed on each of your trips.

Please note that 17-24 year olds can also buy discounted tickets for the youth age group.

The season begins from the moment the ticket is purchased. For example, a ticket purchased on the 4th of January at 15:07 is valid until 15:07 on the 3rf of February. A new ticket will cancel any active seasons, so it is recommended you consider the time of the new ticket purchase.

Ticket fares


Public transport discounts are available for full-time students, aged 17 or over, who study in an upper secondary school, a vocational institution, a higher education institution or a university. The studies should lead to a vocation or a degree and the duration of the academic year should be at least 8 months. Studen't information must be found from the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Studyinfo.

Student discounts are not applicable to people participating in apprenticeship training, labour policy education, folk high school or training courses or to those studying abroad.

The right to a ticket will be checked in Nysse Mobiili or its admin page.

How to buy a stu­dent tic­ket

  1. Open Nysse Mobiili and log in.
  2. Choose the Season ticket tab.
  3. Choose the zones.
  4. Choose Student as the customer group.

You will directed to to identify as a student if you have not done so already. Log in and choose Identify as a student. Use strong electronic identification, copy the link for a transcript of studies from Studyinfo and paste it to the service. The service will notify you if the identification as a student is successful. Return to Nysse Mobiili application.

5. Pay for the ticket with a Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard or with MobilePay.

Support for secondary-level student's long journeys

Secondary-level students whose one-way trip to school is at least 7 kilometres can get a school transport subsidy from Kela. A school transport subsidy ticket is a 30-day season ticket. The ticket comprises an unlimited number of trips in all zones. The ticket is loaded onto the travel card.

Secondary school students of all ages who live in Finland can apply for a ticket.

A school transport subsidy ticket

Youth 17–24

Tickets for the young people's age group can be purchased by passengers aged 17–24.

You can get lower priced tickets by using a travel card (single and season ticket) or Nysse Mobiili app (single ticket).


Confirm your ticket on each of your trips

An inspection fee (€ 80) can be charged for passengers traveling without a confirmed ticket or the right to travel free of charge.

Confirm the validity of your ticket with the ticket device, which can be found on the bus and tram near the entrance.

On train journeys in the Nysse zones, the ticket must be confirmed before the journey begins. The ticket machine can be found on the platform.

Ticket inspection