A Kela-subsidised school trip ticket is a 30 days season ticket partly subsidised by Kela. The ticket comprises an unlimited number of trips in all zones (A-F). The ticket is available for upper secondary level students who have a long commute to school.

How to get the ticket?

Application forms for the school trip subsidy are available from all of Finland’s institutes of education, Kela offices and the Kela website. The completed school trip subsidy application is then submitted to the school concerned. Renew the application annualy.

The school deals your information and informes you when you can load the ticket on your travel  card at Nella.fi online service. Kela’s subsidy covers the difference between the amount paid by the student and the actual price of the ticket.

The ticket is personal. Please contact your school for further information of the ticket, for example the number of purches allowed. Because the ticket indludes Kela subsidy, any unused tickets are not refundable

Update your information

Should your school trip change, a new school trip subsidy application must be acquired.

If you lose your travel card, it can be closed and the tickets can be transferred onto another card. A handling fee and a card fare must be paid.

Keep your contact information up to date in Nysse customer register, so we can inform you if your lost card is found. You can change the information in Nella.fi online service or by calling customer service.

Kela-subsidised school trip ticket on travel card ›

6 zones A-F › Adults 25+ Youth 17-24 Children 7-16
30 days season ticket 42,00 26,00 21,00


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