A school transport subsidy ticket is a 30 days season ticket partly subsidised by Kela. The ticket comprises an unlimited number of trips in all zones.

Are you eligible for school transport subsidy?

Kela grants school transport subsidy to those who are studying in a upper secondary school. You can get school transport subsidy if

  • you have a long commute to school
  • you study and live in Finland
  • you study full-time.

Upper secondary school students of all ages can apply for school transport subsidy. Students entitled to free education receive school transport subsidy under different conditions than other students.

Check the conditions on Kela's web page

How to get the ticket?

Apply for school transport subsidy at OmaKela e-service

The school transport subsidy is applied through an online application at OmaKela e-service. For the student to be able to log in to OmaKela and apply for the subsidy, the student will need their own online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

Apply for the school transport subsidy at the beginning of each school year or when you know how you will be travelling to school. The earliest that you can get school transport subsidy is the beginning of the month preceding application. For example, if you wish to receive it from the beginning of August, you must file an application in OmaKela by the end of September. Apply for school transport subsidy once per school year.

When you use Nysse traffic for your school trips, you may receive the right to buy a subsidised ticket immediately after you have submitted your application in OmaKela.

Purchase a school transport subsidy ticket from the Nella.fi online service

You can conveniently buy a school transport subsidy ticket for a travel card from the Nella.fi online service as soon as you have been granted the right to purchase. You only pay your own share of the ticket, the subsidy granted by Kela is considered in the price. You can also get a school transport subsidy ticket for a travel card at Nysse's customer service.

The ticket is personal. The number of tickets is limited for the school year. A user may only have one school transport subsidy ticket in use at a time.

Because the ticket includes Kela subsidy, any unused tickets are not refundable.

Buying a school transport ticket at the beginning and end of the school year

You can buy the ticket 14 days before your studies start. The last ticket for the school year must be loaded onto your card at least 14 days before the last day of school.

After graduating or discontinuing your studies, you cannot load new tickets, but you can use up the remaining value on your card.

Nella.fi online service

Get a travel card online or from customer service

You can order a travel card from the Nella.fi online service or buy it from the customer service. The price of the travel card is €6.00.

When you buy the card, you accept our Ticket and Payment Terms. We save your personal data in the customer register so that we can serve you in the best way.

This is how you buy a school transport subsidy ticket from the Nella.fi online service

  1. Log in to the service at https://nella.fi/ (Create a username if you haven't done so yet)
  2. Add the student's travel card to the service via the card number + Buy or add a card function. A travel card ordered from Nella.fi will automatically appear on the list when the order has been processed and the travel card has been mailed.
  3. Select a travel card and click on the school transport subsidy ticket (granted by Kela) button.
  4. Press the Suomi.fi-identification button and make a strong identification (online banking credentials or mobile certificate are required).
  5. The service searches for the student's benefit and displays it. Zones A–F are automatically selected and do not need to be selected separately.
  6. Add the product to the shopping cart and then press the shopping cart button. Complete the transaction by pressing the online bank or card payment button (the transaction must be completed in the shopping cart, even if the amount of purchases is 0 euros).
  7. The school transport subsidy ticket is loaded onto the travel card when traveling and using the Nysse’s ticket machines in buses, trams, or train traffic at the station platforms at the earliest after 2 hours and for 14 days after purchasing it from the Nella.fi online service.

Nella.fi online service

Update your information

If there is a change in your circumstances affecting the subsidy (e.g., your address changes), it is your duty to notify Kela of the changes. Changes and discontinuation of support can be notified in OmaKela.

Keep your contact information up to date in Nysse customer register, so we can inform you if your lost card is found. You can change the information in Nella.fi online service or by calling customer service.

Student season ticket from Nysse Mobiili

Students can get a 30-day season ticket from the Nysse Mobiili app. The ticket allows unlimited travel in the zones of your choice, regardless of the time of day.

Student tickets can be purchased by full-time students aged 17 or over whose information is available on the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Studyinfo service.

Student season ticket

Youth 17–24

Tickets for the young people's age group can be purchased by passengers aged 17–24.

You can get lower priced tickets by using a travel card (single and season ticket) or Nysse Mobiili app (single ticket).


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