Signing up for the service

Go to Nella Nettilataus, the registration link is located below the login button. The service will provide you with more detailed instructions on how to create a username. When your username has been created, you will receive an activation link by email. Once your account has been activated, you can sign in with your username and password.

You can now add Travelcards to your account or order a Travelcard, buy tickets to personal Tampere travel card, check your travel card’s ticket information and balance and set e-mail reminders for your Travelcards. You can also buy digital gift vouchers: the gift voucher code is sent you by email. The code can be used to pay for purchases on the Nella service and our customer service.

Add Travelcards to your user account

To add a Travelcard to a user account, search for the card in Nysse customer register.

The page will display Travelcard’s ticket balance, basic information, top-up history and usage history. Using the search function requires online authentication that can only be performed by the cardholder.

You can add other person’s Travelcards to your account by entering their card number. The service will only display the card’s ticket information and balance. You can name the cards as you wish and the names will only be displayed on your Nella account.

The Travelcard must be a personal or company-specific Tampere Travelcard. Holder-specific Travelcards cannot be added nor bought in Nella service. You can buy the holder-specific Travelcard only in Nysse customer service.

Ordering a Travelcard

You can order a personal Travelcard buy using +Buy or Add Card -button.

You will receive your Travelcard by post approximately one week later (no international deliveries). Please read the General travelling and Travelcard conditions of Tampere Regional Transport before ordering the card.

Buy and activate a ticket

First select the Travelcard for which you want to buy a ticket. Buy the ticket at least 2 hours before the trip.

  • Buy value: select the zones and the amount of purchase. Choose between Buy Value and Buy Period. Click Add to cart to add the selected product to your cart.
  • Buy period: select the desired ticket period and the zones. Click Add to cart to add the selected product to your cart.
  • Looking for the supported tickets? Click the Move to Supported Tickets button and identify yourself in -service. You will then see the supported tickets you are entitled to. Users under the age of 18 are identified by their personal identity code.

You can now continue shopping and add more products to your cart or click the Shopping Cart button. Campaign and gift voucher codes are entered in the Shopping Cart display before payment. You can pay by using your netbank or the card payment. Once you pay your order, it cannot be cancelled. If you need a receipt, you can print it from you netbank.

Activating the ticket

Your card will be loaded automatically when you show it to the card reader. Tickets can be loaded no earlier than two hours after the time of purchase. The loading window is two weeks from the time of purchase. If you do not use Nysse traffic during the two-week period following your purchase, the ticket can still be activated within a period of two months by contacting our customer service.

You can find the card readers in buses and trams and in platforms in Tampere, Nokia, Lempäälä and Orivesi railway stations.

Buying and using a gift voucher

You can buy a digital gift voucher on Nella. You will receive a gift voucher code by email. The code can be used to pay for purchases on the Nella Nettilataus online top-up service and our customer service.

Select Buy Gift Voucher from the menu and enter the desired value of the gift voucher (€10.00–80.00). Add the purchase to your cart and pay for it by using your online banking codes.

The gift voucher code will be sent to the email address linked to your Nella user account. You can then present the code as a gift for anyone to use.

Other Nella functions

Travel cards

  • Travel card You can check the travel card's current value or period and buy new tickets.
  • The loading history is available for travelcards retrieved from the register using strong authentication. This information is not available if the travelcard has been added to a user account by the card number

Profile functions

  • Profile You can change the email address and phone number in your user details.
  • Customer register -e-Authorization gives you permission to your information from our customer register. You can change your email address and phone number entries.
  • Purchases are displayed under the current Nella Nettilataus username for a maximum period of 12 months.


You can set up automatic email notifications for the ticket balances of the travelcards added to your user account.  The notifications will be sent to the email address linked to your user account. Select

  • the number of days remaining in a season ticket that will trigger a notification
  • the remaining balance on a value ticket that will trigger a notification
  • the Travelcards for which you want to set up notifications.

Notifications will not be sent if the Travelcard in question has a purchased ticket that is pending loading or use.

Onko Nella-tilisi lukkiutunut?

Lukkiutuneen Nella-käyttäjätilin saa avattua luomalla uuden salasanan tai käyttäjätilin. Rekisteröitymiseen voi käyttää samaa sähköpostiosoitetta kuin aikaisemminkin, mutta käyttäjätunnus tulee vaihtaa. Matkakortit on lisättävä uudelleen uuteen Nella-käyttäjätiliin. Lukkiutunut tili poistuu järjestelmästä automaattisesti, jos sitä ei avata vuoden kuluessa.

Links and more information

Nysse customer service