Nysse offers many ways to pay for the trips. Paying with cash has ended, but there is still a lot of options, even for a single ticket.

The ticket price is determined by the payment method, age and customer group and the zones selected.

Confirm your right to travel on each of your trips. An inspection fee (€ 80) may be charged for passengers traveling without a ticket.

Travel card

On Nysse’s travel card you can load in

  • value that you can use to pay for
    • a single ticket
    • a night fare (from 12am to 4.40am)
    • some of the public sports services
  • a season ticket (30/90/360 days), which you can use to travel without limits throughout its duration.

You can use the travel card to pay for your trip on buses, trams and trains operating in Nysse payment zones.

You can load your travel card at Nysse's sales points or customer service (also in cash) or in Nella.fi online store.

Nella.fi Online Service

Nysse Mobiili

You can use Nysse Mobiili -app to buy

  • a single ticket, 90 min (night fare added from 12am to 4.40am)
  • a day ticket 24h
  • a 30-day ticket for students.

Download Nysse Mobiili -app 

You can use mobile ticket to pay for your trip on buses, trams and trains operating in the Nysse payment zones.

Nysse Mobiili manual

Contactless payment

You can use contactless payment to pay for your trip on buses and trams. Contactless payment uses debit or credit card or a mobile device with a contactless payment application on it. You can only pay for one person’s trip or trips at a time with contactless payment.

Instructions for contactless payment

Advance ticket

Advance ticket is a paper ticket that you can buy before your trip in advance from our sales points or from Nysse customer service.

The ticket includes bus and tram trips for 90 minutes in selected zones (validity starts from your first trip). From May 1st 2023, the ticket is also valid on  train traffic in the Nysse area.

The advance ticket must be used within 3 months from the date of purchase. You can use advance tickets to pay for your trip on buses and trams.

Advance ticket

Event ticket

The Nysse event ticket combines a public transport ticket and an event admission ticket. The event admission ticket includes a Nysse ticket and can be used to travel on buses and trams (and, depending on the event, also on trains) before and after the event. A separate travel ticket is not needed.

More information about the event ticket

The use of cash on the buses has ended

The use of cash on buses and demand responsive buses has ended June 6, 2022.

Cash can still be used to buy advance tickets and tickets that can be bought to a travel card at Nysse sales points and customer service.

Sales points

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Nysse customer service