Children under 7 years of age

Children under the age of 7 travel free of charge in all zones if accompanied by an older passanger. When a child travels alone, the ticket is required (age group for the children).

Travelling with a child in a pram

If you are travelling with a child in a pram or stroller, you are entitled to free travel in all zones. No separate fee is charged for prams or strollers. No night fare is charged either.

The child must sit in the stroller or pram throughout the trip. A folded or empty pram or a baby sling does not entitle you to a free journey. The child must sit in the stroller or pram throughout the trip. The drivers do not have to take on board more prams, pushchairs or wheelchairs at the same time than the limited space enables.

Mobility impaired passengers

Passengers using  wheelchairs and their assistant may travel free of charge. For safety reasons, passengers in electric wheelchairs may only travel in means of public transport which are marked outside with a wheelchair symbol. Mobility scooters are not carried in buses or trams.

Passengers using rollators (walking aids) pay for their trip normally. Please ask the driver or other passangers for help. Most of the buses and all the trams are low-floor.

Accompanions for disabled passengers

Free of charge may travel EU Disability Card holder's accompanions, when the card includes the letter A for assistant to prove the need of an assistant or an accompanying support person.

Read more about EU Disability Card >

Finnish war veterans

Finnish war veterans who have front-veteran or minesweeper status (home municipality Tampere, Pirkkala, Nokia, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Ylöjärvi, Orivesi or Vesilahti) travel free of charge in all zones. Customer service grants the personal benefit to a personal travel card. The night fare is charged.