Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a practical incentive

Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a season or value ticket loaded on a personal Travel Card. The ticket can be used both for commuting and leisure journeys. The employer pays the ticket in full or in part. After the empoloyer has signed the contract with Nysse, the employees can purchase the ticket in Nella.fi online service using their own travel card.

The ticket is a great staff incentive with tax benefits for employers and employees. The ticket is intended mainly for journeys between home and workplace but it can be used also on leisure journeys.

Why and how?

Employer-subsidized commuter ticket is a benefit that communicates the company’s values and attitude towards sustainable mobility and contributes to eco-friendly, economical, smooth and safe commuting. It can be used as a tool for recruitment and retention of committed staff.

Employer-subsidized commuter tickets are a tax-free benefit for employees up to 300 euros as well as from 751 to 3,400 euros. The benefit may be in euros or percentage of the ticket fare and it may vary between the ticket types.

Driving your own car or using public transport? Howabout mixing?

When you need to take the children to daycare or shop after work, your own car may feel the most convenient choice. Sometimes there is no suitable connection with public transport. Yet you are not attempted by cramped parking spaces, rush our in the city or all the construction sites.

How about leaving your car to free parking areas designed for public transport users? The parking areas are located close to public transport stops and stations. You can leave your car or bike at a Park & Ride and continue by public transport.

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We offer the benefit for our employees

We already have many companies offering the Employer-Subsidised Ticket for their employees. Are you intrested in smart commuting?

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