Tickets and fares

Common tickets, many ways to travel

You can use Nysse tickets on trams and buses. Many tickets are also valid on trains. The ticket price is determined by the payment method, age and customer group and the zones selected.

The Nysse service area is divided into three payment zones: A, B and C. A ticket must be purchased for at least two adjacent zones (AB, BC or ABC).

You can pay for your ticket by contactless payment, Nysse Mobiili app or you can use a travel card.

Confirm the validity of your ticket each time you travel

The ticket device can be found near the entrance of buses and trams.

  • Use the travel card in the front reader of the ticket device.
  • The reader for contactless payment is in the left side of the ticket device.
  • The reader for mobile tickets and paper tickets is at the bottom of the device.

Confirm your travel card or mobile ticket on train journeys before getting on the train, as the ticket device is at the station platform. Contactless payment cannot be used to pay for train journeys.

An inspection fee €80.00 may be charged for passengers traveling without a confirmed ticket or right to travel free of charge.

Customer groups

  • Adults 25+ years
  • Youth 17–24 years
  • Children 7–16 years
  • Children aged 0–6 are allowed to travel free of charge with an older passenger.

Students can get an affordable ticket from the Nysse Mobiili app.

Seniors over the age of 65 receive a discount on a single ticket paid with a travel card.

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The travel card is most convenient to buy and load in the online store.  You can pay for the purchase in online banking, by debit card or mobile payment (Paytrail payment service).

The ticket is available within 2 hours of purchase. The ticket will activate as you use your travel card in the ticket device of a bus, tram or train station. Remember to activate the ticket within 2 weeks. manual

Sales points

If you are unable to shop in the online service, you can purchase tickets from customer service or a point of sale:

Sales points

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