Confirm your ticket on each trip

An inspection fee of €80.00 is charged if the passenger does not have a confirmed ticket that entitles to travel or if the right to free travel is misused. Be prepared to prove your identity if the inspector asks for it.

The city of Tampere is responsible for the ticket inspection of Nysse tram and bus trips as an official activity. On train journeys, inspection activities are handled by VR.

A ticket inspector checks a passenger's ticket in a sunny tram.

Buy your ticket in time

Mobile tickets: buy the ticket before boarding. Make sure you buy it for the right age group.

Travel card: buy a ticket well in advance of your trip from online service or at Nysse sales point.

Contactless payment: pay for your trip with the ticket device on the bus or tram. Contactless payment cannot be used for train journeys.

Advance ticket: buy the ticket at Nysse sales point.

Whichever payment method you use, validate your ticket at the ticket machine near the bus or tram entrance every time you travel. On train journeys, the ticket device can be found on the station platform.

Tickets, please!

Show the inspector the ticket or the mean of payment that you confirmed with the ticket device. The right to travel for those entitled to travel free of charge is established on other grounds.

If you have bought a ticket with a mobile wallet, please be prepared to show the payment transaction of the mobile payment to the inspector.

The inspector can ask to see your identity card. If you don't have the certificate with you, the inspector will give you a personal information form to fill in, which will be used to check your information in the population information system.

The inspector has the right to remove from the ride or detain a person traveling without a proper ticket who cannot reliably establish his or her identity. In the case of detaining, the police are called to the scene.

Situations in which an inspection fee can be imposed

Inspection activity

The activities of ticket inspectors are based on the law on public transport inspection fees (469/79) and the law on maintaining order in public transport (472/77). The inspector can be in official or civilian clothes. The inspectors carrie an inspection passport, which they show when asked. The civilian clothed inspector has the inspection pass shown throughout the inspection.

In addition to securing ticket revenues, inspection activities ensure that the passenger has the right type of ticket or the right to travel free of charge.

The right to check the passenger's personal data

The ticket inspector may ask the passenger to prove his or her identity, for example to check the age group or the ticket benefit. If there is no identity card, the passenger will be given a personal information form to fill out, based on which the inspector will check the information from the population information system. The personal identification number, name and address are written on the form.

The right of detaining the passenger

The inspector has the right to detain the customer traveling without a proper ticket or a customer who refuses to prove their identity. The police can be called to the scene e.g. in the following cases:

  • The inspector has been given incorrect personal information or the customer has traveled on another person's personal ticket.
  • The passenger opposes the person maintaining order, threatens violence or uses violence.
  • The passenger breaks or defaces the operator's property.
  • The passenger is guilty of disturbing public transport.

Determination of the inspection fee

The public transport inspection fee is €80.00. The inspection fee is determined by a separate invoice, which is written in the passenger's name. The passenger's identity is checked or verified from the population data register.

The inspection fee cannot be paid in cash or with another means of payment during the inspection event. A passenger who has been charged an inspection fee may demand that the inspector's decision be corrected.

Claim for adjustment

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