Easy way to pay for your trips

You can use contactless payment on buses and trams running on the Nysse zones. Just select the payment method on the ticket device, check the zones of your journey and pay for the trip.

The payment method is not valid on train journeys or on demand responsive buses.

The passenger uses the contactless payment instrument in the reader of the tram's ticket device.

The price cap guarantees an affordable price

Contactless payment is using price caps for 90 minutes as well as 24 hours. The total price will first be calculated based on your trips during 90 minutes. After this, the 24-hour price cap will be applied.

Even if you use contactless payment dozens of times within these time limits, you will only pay up to the maximum price cap for the zones you have selected for all the tickets you have purchased.

The night fare will automatically be added to the final price of a single trip from 00:00 to 04:40 a.m. Contactless payment cannot be used to pay the night fare alone.

You can use contactless payment for one person at a time. If you want to buy several tickets, use another mean of payment to pay for your companions.

How to buy mobile tickets?

Instructions for using contactless payment

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