The best choice for an active passenger

With a season ticket you can travel as much as you want on buses, trams and trains in the Nysse area. The night fare will not be charged.

Buy a 30- or 360-day ticket for a travel card from the online service or from a Nysse sales point. Adults can also get a 90-day ticket for zones AB or BC from the online service.

The travel card can have 2 season tickets at a time: 1 in use and 1 waiting. The new ticket starts only after the old one ends, on the next journey, if the zones of the new ticket remain unchanged.


Nysse uses the three-zone ABC model. Select zones AB, BC or ABC for the ticket.

The season ticket for 90 days is avalable only for two zones (AB or BC) and only for adults in online service.

More information about the zones

Season ticket fares

The student's season ticket is in the Nysse app

A student's 30-day season ticket can be purchased by a full-time student who has turned 17 and is studying at a high school, vocational school, college or university.

The student discount does not cover those who study on a contract of apprenticeship, in labor policy education or folk colleges, those who participate in preparatory trainings or those who study abroad.


Support for secondary-level student's long journeys

Secondary-level students whose one-way trip to school is at least 7 kilometres can get a school transport subsidy from Kela. A school transport subsidy ticket is a 30-day season ticket. The ticket comprises an unlimited number of trips in all zones. The ticket is loaded onto the travel card.

Secondary school students of all ages who live in Finland can apply for a ticket.

A school transport subsidy ticket

Confirm your ticket on each of your trips

An inspection fee (€ 80) can be charged for passengers traveling without a confirmed ticket or the right to travel free of charge.

Confirm the validity of your ticket with the ticket device, which can be found on the bus and tram near the entrance.

On train journeys in the Nysse zones, the ticket must be confirmed before the journey begins. The ticket machine can be found on the platform.

Ticket inspection