Public transport is a safe and fun way to travel for a child. Children under 7 years old are allowed to travel free of charge with an older passenger. Children aged 7–16 years travel with a children’s ticket.

Get your child his/her own travel card

The easiest and most affordable option for children is the travel card. The season ticket is suitable for regular trips, and the single ticket for more occasional travel. 

You can order the travel card for your dependent child in the online service by using authorizations. The travel card can be ordered well in advance of the child's 7th birthday. For more information on how to order a travel card and act on behalf of someone else, see the manual.

If the travel card is lost, the Nysse Mobiili app can be used to buy a single ticket according to the age group before the trip.

Children 0–6

Children under 7 years may travel free of charge when accompanying a paying passenger or other person entitled to travel. Our youngest passengers will receive a cardboard training card from customer service if they wish.

Prams and pushchairs

With prams and pushchairs, travelling is free of charge. The child must travel in a pram or stroller throughout the journey.

See instructions and tips on our Accessibility page.


Free school trips?

Pre-primary and basic education students may be entitled to free school trips. Apply the ticket from the basic education provider of your home municipality.

School children

Day care groups

The children in day care groups may travel free of charge. Every group of 6 children must have a leader who pays his or her trip normally. It is strongly recommended to travel outside the rush hours.

Safety on board Nysse

It is recommended to regularly go through traffic rules and talk about travelling on public transport with children. It is also good to talk with a child about how to behave on each mode of transport, at the latest when the child begins to travel alone.

In the video below, Onni the bear and friends travel with Nysse and instruct the viewer on how to travel safely.

How to instruct your child to use public transport

Talk about traffic rules and about how to behave on public transport.

Practise travelling together with the child.

Set a good example and be encouraging.

Whole family on board Nysse

Rasse-koira heiluttaa matkakorttia.

Nysse’s ticket selection offers plenty of options for people of all ages, and for all kinds of activities from daily school transport to spending a fun weekend around Tampere. 

  • The season ticket is the best and most affordable option for regular transport. Children and youth receive a discount for season tickets.
  • Occasional trips can be paid for with the value tickets on your travel card or with the Nysse Mobiili app.
  • Single tickets can also be paid for with contactless payment. Please note that you can only pay for one person’s trip or trips at a time with contactless payment.
  • Those travelling with baby carriages or strollers are allowed to travel free of charge on public transport.

Together, we can make a sustainable tomorrow

It is good to familiarise children with sustainable modes of transport from a young age:

  • Favour cycling and walking whenever possible. 
  • Use public transport when travelling longer distances.
  • Combine different modes of transport and try different ways of going about your familiar routes.

The City of Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030, which means at least halving current traffic emissions. The goal is to increase the share of sustainable modes of transport – walking, cycling and public transport – to 69 per cent. Each of us can influence traffic emissions through our own movement choices!

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