Passengers from 7 to 16 years use children's tickets. You can order the travel card for your dependent child from online service by using authorizations.

The season ticket is suitable for regular travel. The single ticket is good for more occasional trips. Your child may also be entitled to free school trips. You can inquire about the conditions for issuing a ticket from the service point in your home municipality.

Free school trips

Basic education providers can offer a school ticket for basic education pupils. The ticket is loaded on the child's personal travel card.

  • The ticket covers 1 or 2 trips per school day.
  • The trip is valid for 90 minutes in buses and trams in zones A-F.
  • The ticket can be used on school days between 6.30 am - 5 pm.

Apply the ticket from the basic education provider of your home municipality. You will be informed if and when the ticket can be loaded on the travel card either in online service or in the customer service.

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