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With a day ticket, you can travel an unlimited number of trips on the bus, tram and train in the zones of your choice. The travel time of 24 hours starts at the time of ticket purchase. The night fare will not be charged.

You can also buy a ticket for another passenger if you are traveling together. 0-6 year olds do not need a ticket with an older passenger. It is advisable to buy a new ticket only after the old ticket has expired, as the purchase will cancel the old ticket, even if it is still valid.

Make sure your phone has enough power. Screenshot of the ticket or recording of the screen does not justify the trip. An inspection fee (€ 80) can be charged for a person traveling without a ticket.

How to pay with Nysse Mobiili ›

24 h ticket on Nysse Mobiili ›

Number of zones › 2 3 4 5 6
Adults 25+ 7,00 9,00 11,00 13,00 15,00
Youth 17-24 5,25 6,75 8,25 9,75 11,25
Children 7-16 3,50 4,50 5,50 6,50 7,50

A Tourist Card

This ticket is no longer avalable in the customer service.

A Day Ticket comprises an unlimited number of trips in zone areas ABC or ABCDEF. You can choose a period of validity for one or more days (24 hours, 48 hours etc.). No separate night fare is charged.

The card for the ticket is available at R-kiosk, Tampere railway station or at Matkahuolto Oy, Tampere bus station. You can top up the card in any of our retailer.

24 h ticket on tourist card ›

1 day + extra day Adults 25+ Youth 17-24 Children 7-16
Zones ABC › €8 + €4 €6 + €3 €4 + €2
Zones ABCDEF › €16 + €8 €12 + €6 €8 + €4


Cards for the day ticket are available at Tampere railway station and bus station retailers ›