Carefree travel for one day at a time

The day ticket is well suited for those visiting the Nysse area. You can buy a mobile ticket from Nysse app or use contactless payment.

Contactless payment can only be used to pay for one person's bus and tram trips. From the Nysse app, you can buy tickets for several people. Mobile tickets are valid also on trains in Nysse area. Children aged 0-6 do not need a ticket when accompanied by an older passenger.

Confirm the validity of your ticket on each of your trips. An inspection fee (€ 80) can be charged for passengers traveling without a confirmed ticket or the right to travel free of charge.

Contactless payment

Contactless payment can be used to pay for bus and tram trips. It uses a 24-hour price cap instead of buying a ticket for specified period. The price is the same for all age groups.

Do this on each of your trips:

  1. Press the contactless payment button on the ticket device.
  2. Check the zones and select more zones if necessary.
  3. Put your contactless payment device in the left reader of the ticket device.

You can only pay for the trips of one person at a time with contactless payment. Use another payment method or another mean of contactless payment to pay for your friend's trip.

Contactless payment

Buy the mobile ticket a moment before your trip

A ticket purchased from Nysse Mobiil will activate at the time of purchase. The ticket must be valid before boarding the bus, tram or train.

  1. Choose the ticket type, zones and your customer group.
  2. Choose a payment method, check the ticket information and pay for the ticket.
  3. Show the ticket's Qr code to the reader at the bottom of the ticket machine every time you travel.

Select the zones for your ticket

Nysse service area is divided into 6 payment zones A, B, C, D, E and F. The heart of the area is in zones A and B in Tampere. Other zones surround the center of the area.

Always select at least 2 adjacent zones for your ticket, even if your trip is in only one zone.

Always select at least 2 adjacent zones for your ticket.

Day ticket fares for 2-6 zones

2 3 4 5 6

24 h, Nysse Mobiili, adults 25+

€7.00 €9.00 €11.00 €13.00 €15.00

24 h, Nysse Mobiili, youth 17-24

€5.25 €6.75 €8.25 €9.75 €11.25

24 h Nysse Mobiili, children 7-16

€3.50 €4.50 €5.50 €6.50 €7.50

24 h price cap, contactless payment, all age groups

€7.00 €9.00 €11.00 €13.00 €15.00