The prices of the most used Nysse tickets will be raised from May 1, 2023

Wednesday 15. February 2023 klo 17.39

The customer prices for the most used Nysse tickets will be increased by five percent from May 1, 2023. The change applies to single, value and season tickets (30, 90 and 360 days) for adults, youth and children age groups in zones 2-3 purchased on the travel card, as well as the student season ticket, which is purchased through Nysse Mobiil. More than 90% of all Nysse traffic trips are made with these ticket products.

The price of the value ticket for seniors (over 65 years of age) between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. is changed in all zones so that the discount is 40% of the adult price. There will be a five percent increase in customer prices for staff, event and school group tickets.

Customer prices for contactless payment, other tickets sold through Nysse Mobiil, and advance tickets remain unchanged. The price increases are included in the budget for 2023 approved by the Tampere City Council on 14 November 2022.

The purchase costs of public transport increased by more than 10 percent during 2022, especially due to the effect of the energy price increase. The board of the Tampere region transport decided on the price changes at its meeting on February 15, 2023.