Timetables will change on several bus lines on January

Thursday 22. December 2022 klo 09.00

The timetables will change on several bus lines at the beginning of January 2023. Changes to lines 5, 12, 15, 17, 18, 39A and 58 have been made primarily to improve schedule certainty. Evening shifts have been added to line 52A, a significant route change is coming to line 71, and the schedules of line 90 have been corrected based on customer requests.

The new timetables can be found in the Journey Planner and the timetable service. The timetable posters will be changed to the bus stops during January.

Changes and their dates

Bus line 5

January 9, 2023: Departure times are a few minutes earlier in the direction Hervanta - Keskustori.

Bus line 12

January 9, 2023: Schedules change earlier or later with several departures. The changes vary from a few minutes to 10 minutes.

Bus line 15

January 9, 2023: Changes of a few minutes on some departures.

Bus line 17 and 18

January 9, 2023: Buses leave from Vehmainen and Atala a few minutes earlier, so that passengers can reach the tram 1 better.

Bus line 39A

January 9, 2023: Morning departures from Pirkkala in the direction of the Airport leave 2 minutes earlier.

Bus line 52A

January 2, 2023: There will be more evening shifts on the line as follows:

Tampere - Lempäälä: 

  • Monday - Friday at 19:10
  • Saturday at 20:10

Lempäälä - Tampere

  • Monday - Friday at 20:04
  • Saturday at 19:05

Bus line 58

January 9, 2023: The trip of bus line 58 Ideapark - Hervanta at 18:00 will be discontinued due to insufficient running time and low number of users. The last trip from Ideapark to Hervanta is on bus line 58x (motorway) at 17:35.

Bus line 71

January 9, 2023: The timetables of line 71 will change, when the route section Tesoma - Lielahti will be discontinued. The line continues on the route Harjuniitty - Nokia - Tesoma. The running time of the line has not been enough for the entire route and this has caused significant delays. In this way, passengers can get to line 70 Nokia better. Line 13 still operates between Tesoma and Lielahti.

Bus line 90

January 9, 2023: Several morning trips leave 5 minutes earlier. The changes have been made based on customer wishes.