Effects of corona virus on Nysse traffic

The coronavirus situation also affects public transport in the Nysse region. We are following the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and other authorities.

We strongly recommend using a face mask

Due to the current epidemic situation, wearing a face mask is of utmost importance. The regulation applies to passengers over the age of 12. Persons unable to wear a face mask for medical reasons are exempt of wearing a mask.

Other measures during the coronavirus situation

We do our best to provide a safe journey for all public transport users. Bus cleaning has been intensified, e.g. all contact surfaces are treated daily with a disinfectant to prevent infections. We aim to increase shifts to the most congested shifts. If necessary, the driver may have to limit the number of passengers.

A safe journey is made together

  1. Just travel healthy. If you have even minor symptoms of the disease, do not use public transportation.
  2. Wear a face mask. If you are wearing a mask, put it on your face well in advance of getting on the vehicle. Used properly, the face mask provides extra protection. Ensure safe disposal of the mask. Do not leave the mask in the trash on the bus.
  3. Take care of good hand hygiene. Be sure to wash your hands often or carry disinfectant with you.
  4. Remember the safety distances at the bus and at the stop. Take time for your trip. If the bus is very full, wait for the next turn if possible.
  5. If you cough or sneeze, use a handkerchief or sleeve. Don't cough your hands.
  6. Avoid cash. Pay with your travel cardNysse Mobiili app or use contactless payment.

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