Planning of the network

The service planning for the Nysse network is done by the public transport unit of the City of Tampere, and the service supply is determined by the Tampere City Regional Public Transport Committee. The service plan always takes into account the mobility needs of customers, passenger volumes, and changes in the service environment, such as urban development and rail traffic.

The plans do not include train services or services based on purchase contracts with other authorities or municipalities or on a market-based service (e.g. lines U43, U56, U57, 60-69 and U87). The responsibility for the planning of these lines lies with the operator or the transport purchaser.

The service varies according to the operating season

Service seasons in Nysse are based on the working and holiday seasons of primary education. The winter season runs from the beginning of August to the end of May, or beginning of June when the summer season starts. The service is always planned to meet seasonal demand, with significantly fewer passengers in the summer.

The level of service for each season is based on regional service level classifications. There may be exceptions in the middle of the season, such as during public holidays, when only services between the municipal and regional service centers are operated. During major events, the service can also be made more efficient with additional services or, for example, extra buses for trade fairs.

Let's plan the service together

Nysse's route plannings are presented season by season using a browser-based map application that works best on large screens. You can comment on the plans using the program's messaging function. Messages are not public and will not be replied to. Feedback can also be sent using the form on our website or by e-mail.

We will read all feedback and take it into account in our route planning. Public transport literally serves the masses, so unfortunately we cannot meet all your wishes.

Information on the different seasonal plannings

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