City bikes

City bikes offer a fast way to move around during both free time and on business trips. Bikes can be found at city bike stations in the extended city center area. For use, you need the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application, through which registration and payment is handled. The licence is valid from the moment of purchase.

The city bike season 2021 is over. The 2022 season begins on 15 April, 2022.

Information about city bike system

City bike system

The Tampere city bike system was launched in June 2021. The city bike system includes 700 city bikes and about 80 city bike stations. City bike stations are mainly located in the city center and along the tramway in the Kaleva area. City bikes are part of the Nysse family, and the city of Tampere is responsible for organizing the system as a whole.

For the use of city bikes, the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application is downloaded, which is used to register as a user of city bikes and to pay for their use.

City bike stations

In total, the city bike system includes 700 city bikes and about 80 city bike stations.

Most of the stations are physical stations, i.e. the station has racks for city bikes, on which the city bike is locked when returned. Some city bike stations are so-called virtual stations that can be identified from the information board. When using a virtual station, return the bike by parking it near the information board.

During the city bike season up-to-date information on the location of city bike stations can be found on the map of the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application.


Registering as a user of Tampere city bikes is done through the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application, which is also needed to use city bikes. The Tampereen kaupunkipyörät app can be downloaded from the Google Play and the App Store. When registering, the user enters their payment card and contact information, and accepts the terms of use and security policies. In the application, the user selects the license for the desired time (day / week / season).

The Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application will be released in app stores at the beginning of June.


You can purchase a licenses for a day (24 hours), a week (7 days) or an entire season.  The license is valid from the moment of purchase. 

All options include an unlimited number of 30-minute trips. If you ride the bike for more than 30 minutes at a time, you will be charged  €1 for each additional 30 minutes. 

The maximum ride time is 5 hours. If you exceed 5 hours, the extra fee is €80.

Beginning the use of the bike

City bikes are available at any time to the users who have registered and paid for the usage period. City bike stations and available city bikes can be easily found using the map in the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät app.

The available city bike will be unlocked using the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application. The city bike lock has a QR code that is read using the app’s QR code reader. Alternatively, the city bike can be enabled by entering the identification number on the city bike’s frame into the city bike application. When the city bike system detects that it has been taken into use, the lock beeps and unlocks. The user moves the locking bolt between the spokes of the rear wheel to the storage space on the side of the lock while driving.

The user can drive an unlimited number of 30-minute trips at no extra charge.


At the end of use, the city bike is returned to any of the city bike station. Using the app, select ”End ride” and wait for a confirmation that your ride has ended. If the return is not successful immediately, please try again.

Up-to-date information on the locations of the stations can be found on the map of the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application.

At a physical station, i.e. a station with city bike racks, the city bike should be returned and locked neatly into the rack using the red lock cable. If all the racks of the city bike station are full, the city bike can be returned to the immediate vicinity of the station by locking it to either the rack or another city bike.

With a virtual station, it is enough to return the city bike locked close to the information board. The city bike system uses GPS to detect that the city bike is in the correct area and allows the city bike to be returned. 

Pictures ©Pasi Tiitola.

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The telephone service is closed until 15 April 2022. 

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