Pleasent journey

Comfortable journeys are made together

Thousands of people travel on buses and trams in a single day. Situations vary, all sorts of things happen.

We are all responsible for the atmosphere and safety of public transport. The most important thing is to take care of others. For example, if a bus or tram is half full, a backpack will fit nicely on the seat next to you. When there are a lot of people, you can carry your bag in your lap, providing a seat for someone who needs it.

Let's work together to create a public transport system where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Don't be a blockhead – Take others into account

A blockhead doesn’t confirm its ticket

Remember to confirm your ticket on a ticket device every time you get on board, including when changing to another bus, tram or train.

A blockhead reserves two benches for itself

One seat each. Keep your luggage on your lap or on the floor.

A blockhead blocks the doorway

Give others free access. After stamping your ticket, move briskly to a seat or forward in the aisle so as not to obstruct the movement of others on public transport.

When travelling on the tram, move through the central doors. Remember to give space to exiting passengers first.

A blockhead doesn't hold on

Take care of your safety. If you are standing or moving around in a bus or tram, hold on to railings.

A blockhead brings a bookshelf on board

You can bring your normal luggage, as well as any assistive or transport equipment. Please ensure that the transport of your items does not cause inconvenience to other passengers.

For large vehicles, such as bicycles, you must buy a single ticket.

A blockhead is hiding at the stop

As the bus approaches the stop, wave your hand in time to signal that you want to get on. In dark weather, you can use a reflector or a mobile phone light to help you get the driver's attention. The driver will have seen your signal when the bus's turn signal points in the direction of the stop.

There is no need to show the stop sign to the tram, which stops at every stop.

A blockhead makes a racket

Be aware of other passengers when listening to music, watching videos or talking on the phone. Use headphones, but also pay attention to any announcements.

A blockhead is horsing around at a bus/tram stop

Stay far enough away from the edge of the stop and the carriageway. At a bus stop, the front of an incoming bus or the rear of an outgoing bus may swing through the stop. 

When crossing the road, always use the crosswalk and do not run in front of a bus or tram.

Take others into consideration

A blockhead can be angular, round, blue or red

We are all different, but on Nysse we are all equal.

Let's work together to make travelling easy and safe for all types of passengers.


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