Disruptions in Hämeenkatu

What happens if  Hämeenkatu is closed?

Closing Hämeenkatu, the main thoroughfare in the center, is extremely rare, but possible. The closure is usually due to a significant traffic disruption, such as a demonstration or an accident. In this case, the lines operating through Hämeenkatu must be moved to special routes.

Special routes do not appear in Nysse timetable services, as situational information is received with very little notice or only during the situation. Exceptional situations also cause delays for public transport.

Head to Hämeenpuisto or Ratina

Buses 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 19 and 52 that normally run through Hämeenkatu will run detour through Hämeenpuisto and Ratina. You can board in Hämeenpuisto from the Tuulensuu area and from Ratina.

Buses 5, 6, 40, 50 and 90, which operate from the east and south, have their starting and ending stops at the Ratina shopping center (stop on the side of the bus station). Buses 30 and 31 stop at Hatanpään valtatie, at Linja-autoasema 0522.

The starting and ending stops of buses 70 and 80 operating from the west are in Hämeenpuisto in the Tuulensuu area.

Trams 1 and 3 will run from Hervanta and the Kauppi campus only as far as Sammonaukio. There is service also between Santalahti and Pyynikintori, if possible.

Pre-planned detours for the lines can be viewed in the map service. You can display all lines or one line at a time on the map, and choose the direction of the line.

Please note that the routes may change depending on the situation. Please follow the information in the Nysse Journey Planner, on the Nysse website and on the bus stop and cabin screens.