Kaupin kampus - Sorin aukio

Bus line 18 will change to an special route 18R when there is a tram disruption between Kaupin kampus and Sorin aukio. You can use the bus stops along the tram route. Between Atala and Kaupin kampus, the bus runs its normal route.

Some of the trips on line 18 will be canceled so that the bus has time to run the additional route that replaces the tram between Kauppi campus and Sorin aukio. Canceled trips appear crossed out in the Journey Planner and other real-time timetable services. Schedules for line 18R are not available for the stops of the special route.

Sorin aukio - Kaupin kampus - Atala

Get help from The Journey Planner

During a mild tram disruption, you can continue your journey by bus. Some trips may be cancelled, but all the tram routes are in use. If necessary, find an alternative trip in the Journey Planner:

  • give the location permit and select "Buses and nearby stops on the map" or
  • find a new route for your trip by entering your departure and destination details.

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