In a sudden tram disruption you can continue your journey by bus. You can get help with your travel search in the Journey Planner:

  • give the location permit and select "Buses and nearby stops on the map" or
  • find a new route for your trip by entering your departure and destination details.

If the disturbance is estimated to last more than 2 hours, replacement buses will be arranged on the tram route. The bus stops are near the tram stops and they are marked with a red sign.

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Replacement bus lines

Real-time information

Check information during disruption from following channels

Drivers also guide passengers whenever possible.

Journey Planner

Tram 1 replacement service

The service of tram 1 can be replaced for the entire route by bus 18R. The bus follows the tram route Sorin aukio - Kauppi campus and there are bus stops near the tram stops. The service can be started within 2 hours of the decision on replacement traffic.

Line 18R is a continuation of line 18 Atala - Kauppi campus. During the disruption, some trips of the line 18 will be canceled so that the bus will have time to run the additional section Kauppi Campus - Sorin Square - Kauppi Campus. Canceled trips are shown as crossed out in the Journey Planner.

Tram 3 replacement service

The service of tram line 3 can be interrupted between the city center and Hakametsä, or Hakametsä and Hervanta. In a very rare situation, the service can be interrupted all the way from the center to Hervanta. Route sections can be operated on bus lines 3R or 7R during the disturbance.

Replacement bus lines have stops near the tram stops. In Hakametsä, the bus stop is on Sammonkatu, between the Kaleva shopping centers, from where you change to other tram or bus lines operating during the situation.

3R Hervanta - Hakametsä (- Pyynikintori)

Bus 3R can be used on the following sections:

  • Hervanta - Hakametsä, the service may be started within 2 hours of the decision on the replacement service.
  • Hakametsä - Pyynikintori, long-term disturbances
  • Hervanta - Pyynikintori, significant, long-term disturbances

The departure station and the termimus in Hervanta is Lintuhytti. Timetables are drawn up for the line on a case-by-case basis.

7R Pyynikintori - Kaleva - Hakametsä

Bus 7R can be used on the section Pyynikintori - Hakametsä. The line does not stop in Tuulensuu or Koskipuisto. The service can be started within 2 hours of the decision on replacement traffic.

Line 7R is an exceptional route for bus 7, ie the stops for Kalevanrinne, Yliopisto, Sorin Square and Koskipuisto are off the route. The bus runs normally between Pyynikintori, Tesoma and Kalkku and in the other direction between Hakametsä and Linnainmaa.