The 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship

The match ticket is also a Nysse ticket

Admission tickets for the matches of the 2023 Men's World Hockey Championships played in Tampere include the right to travel on public transport Nysse.

The right to travel

  • You can travel on public transport buses, trams and trains in the Nysse area.
  • Confirm your right to travel by showing the QR code or bar code on the ticket to the reader each time you board.
  • The right to travel is valid 6 am until the next night at 4 am on the day of the game. 
  • The match ticket is valid in all zones and no separate night fare will be charged.
  • The perk is available with admission tickets for the matches of the World Hockey Championships played at Nokia Arena in Tampere, 1 person/ticket. 
  • A separate Nysse ticket is not required.

Find a route or a a timetable

Confirm your right to travel on each trip

Always show the QR code or bar code on the ticket to the reader at the bottom of the ticket device each time you travel.

In the buses and trams, the ticket device can be found near the entrance. On train journeys, the ticket must be confirmed before boarding the train, as the ticket device is at the station platform.

Show the confirmed match ticket to the ticket inspector if necessary.

How to get to Nokia Arena

Nokia Arena is an event center located in the heart of Tampere. The arena is a short walk away from the train station, bus station, as well as Sorin aukio and Ratina bus stops.

To Nokia Arena

Special routes during the Hockey Games

The Nokia Arena area will be closed to traffic during the event so that the public can move around the area safely. Buses 2, 7, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31, 40, 42, 80, 95 and 103 operating on Vuolteenkatu will run detours in the eastern city center. Other buses and trams operate as normal.

The special route affects the schedules of lines 2, 7, 9, 19 and 40. The timetables and routes during the games can be found in the route guide.

Hockey fans on a bus stop.

Use Nysse tickets on buses, trams and trains

When the right to travel with a match ticket is not valid, Nysse trips are paid for with a travel card, contactless payment, Nysse Mobile application or a advance ticket. The price of ticket is determined by the age and customer group and the selected zones.

Confirm your right to travel on each of your trips.

How to pay for the trips

City bikes

City bikes offer a fast way to move around the city of Tampere.

For use, you need the Tampereen kaupunkipyörät application, through which registration and payment is handled.

City bikes

Park and ride

There are special and totally free parking areas designed for public transport users located close to public transport stops and stations. You can leave your car or bike at a Park & Ride and continue by public transport.

Park and ride

Bus line 103 to Airport

Are you going to visit Tampere by plane to Tampere-Pirkkala Airport?

The bus line 103 runs daily between Tampere-Pirkkala Airport and Tampere. The line has connections for both departing and arriving flights.

Bus line 103

The right to travel is offered by the City of Tampere

The right to travel on public transport is offered by the City of Tampere. At the 2023 Men's World Hockey Championships, the aim is to highlight visible and impressive responsibilities. These include the location of the event arenas with smooth public transport connections, and the right to travel in Nysse traffic included in the match ticket.

Hockey fans on a bus stop.

Pictures: Tampere regional transport Nysse; Marko Kallio, City of Tampere; Laura Happo, City of Tampere.