What kind of ticket would you like to buy?

Single ticket

You can pay for a single ticket for 90 minutes

With cash you can buy a ticket only on bus. Advance tickets are available at customer service.

Season ticket

Travel card season ticket for 30 or 360 days are available at Nella.fi webstore and in all travel card loading points. A ticket for 90 is available only at Nella.fi for adult's travel card.

Student's season ticket for 30 days is avalable only at Nysse Mobiili app. The ticket can be paid by debit/credit card or by mobile payment.

Travel card loading

The ticket is most convenient to buy for a travel card from the Nella.fi webstore. The purchase is paid for in online banking, by debit card or mobile payment (Paytrail payment service). The ticket is available within 2 hours.

If you are unable to shop online or have a holder-specific travel card, you can purchase a ticket from customer service or a point of sale:

Nella.fi manual ›

Day Ticket

You can buy a ticket for one day at a time from Nysse Mobiili app. The ticket starts at the time of purchase. Payment methods include debit and credit cards as well as mobile payment. Download the app to your phone from the app store.

A tourist card is available at the bus station and train station sales points. You can buy travel time for one or more days. The ticket is about to go out of sale, but you can use the ticket you have already purchased on buses and trams.

Gift certificate

You can buy an electronic gift certificate from the Nella.fi online service or at customer service. A gift certificate purchased online can be worth € 10-120 and will be delivered to you by email. The email contains a code that can be distributed as desired to the recipient of the gift. The value of the certificate is not limited at customer service and the code is given with a paper receipt.

The gift card code is valid as a mean of payment for Nysse tickets or products at Nella.fi or at customer service. The code is valid for one year from the date of purchase. You do not have to use the value at once.

Discounted tickets


Children aged 0-6 can travel free of charge when accompanying an older passenger. When traveling alone, the child must have a single ticket, a day ticket or a season ticket for the age group of the children.

School children

A primary school children can be issued with a school ticket that includes 1-2 free trips for each school day. Apply for a ticket from the basic education of your municipality. Once the ticket has been issued, you can get it to the schoolchild's travel card in the Nella.fi online service or in Nysse's customer service.


Full-time students can purchase a low-cost season ticket from Nysse Mobiili app. Your information will be checked from the Finnish National Agency for Education’s Studyinfo service. Read more about the student ticket ›

If the way to your studies is long, you may be entitled to a ticket supported by. Apply the ticket each academic year at your school. Once the ticket has been issued, you can get it onto your travel card at Nella.fi webstore or in Nysse's customer service. Read more about the Kela school travel support ticket ›


If you have been issued a commitment, please visit Nyssen Customer Service. Bring your ID. For more information on the tickets or products available under the commitment, please contact the issuer of the commitment.

Employee tickets

An employment ticket is a ticket paid in full or in part by an employer. Inquire about your entitlement to a ticket from your employer. Once the ticket has been issued, you can get it onto your travel card at Nella.fi webstore or at customer service. Read more about the employment ticket ›

Travel Card sales points

You can buy a Nysse travel card from the Nella.fi online store or from our service point for € 5. By purchasing the card, you accept the Nysse Ticket and Travel Terms. We save your personal information in the customer register so that we can serve you in the best possible way.

Shopping in the Nella.fi online store

In the online store, your information will be checked in the Suomi.fi identification service. You can also order a travel card for your dependent children. If you are acting on behalf of a spouse or other person, make sure that the Suomi.fi e-Authorizations are in order.

You can pay for your purchases via online banking, payment card or mobile payment (Paytrail payment service). The travel card will be mailed within a few business days. Please also take into account the time it takes to transport the mail.

More information at Suomi.fi e-Authorizations ›

Nella.fi webstore manual ›

Shopping at customer service

Nysse's customer service point is located in the center of Tampere, at Frenckellinaukio.  Bring your ID: identity card, driver's license, passport or Kela-card with a photo. For children, we also accept the Kela card without a photo.

You can also obtain a holder-specific travel card from the service point in the name of the company or without storing personal data. An age group is set on the travel card, which can be changed in customer service, if necessary (children: 0–16 years old, young people: 17–24 years old, adults: over 25 years old).

  • Tickets for an individual holder's travel card cannot be purchased online. The card cannot be closed or replaced if it is lost.
  • Tickets for the company's travel card can be purchased in the online store. The card can be closed and replaced if it is lost.