Single tickets

You can buy a one-time ticket for a single trip if you do not have a travel card or the Nysse Mobile app available. Due to the prevailing Covid-19 epidemic, we recommend using a travel card or mobile tickets instead of cash.

The ticket can be paid for in cash on the bus or purchased in advance at the service point. Please recommend cash or the smallest banknotes on the bus, as the change box is small for security reasons. There are no discounts on cash payments.

Local payment for bank cards to be introduced in 2021

It is not yet possible to buy one-time tickets on the buses with debit or credit cards. The local payment for the cards will be introduced during 2021, when the Tampere Tram will start operating. Until then, Visa, Visa Electron and Mastecard (debit / credit) will be used as payment methods in the Nysse Mobile app and the online service.

90 minute single ticket in cash on the bus ›

Number of zones ›

2 3 4 5 6
Adults 25+ 3,50 5,50 7,50 9,50 11,50
Youth 17-24 3,50 5,50 7,50 9,50 11,50
Children 7-16 1,50 2,50 3,50 4,50 5,50