The cheapest ticket for single trips

If you travel with Nysse occasionally, the Value Ticket is most suitable and inexpensive for you. Use the Value Ticket also to pay the night fare or to change the zones for one trip.

You can purchase a Value Ticket on your Travel card using Nella online service or visiting any of the top-up points. The fare is charged in accordance with the number of zones you have selected.

The maximum value of the card is €120 (card value + purchase). The minimum of the purchase is €10.

Tailored just for you

The price of one trip is in accordance with the age and customer group and zones. Choose the right zones when buying the ticket. You can change the zones of a Value Ticket at Customer Service or at a top-up point without having to buy a new ticket.

All passengers aged 65 or older are entitled to a discount on a single fare paid with a Value Ticket. The discount is automatically granted, so the Travelcard must be registered in the name of the person aged 65 or older. The discount is personal and it is valid in all zones at 9 a.m.–2 p.m. daily.

The ticket is personal, if there are any personal benefits (eg. students) on the card. You can let another person use your Travelcard if the ticket age group corresponds to yours.

90 minute value ticket on travel card ›

Number of zones › 2 3 4 5 6
Adults 25+ 2,10 3,40 4,60 5,90 7,20
Youth 17-24 1,52 2,42 3,30 4,25 5,10
Children 7-16 1,05 1,70 2,30 2,95 3,60
Seniors 65+ 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. › 1,16 1,84 2,50 3,20 3,90

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Active pass

Tampere residents who have received income support for no less than a year are eligible for an active pass. The active pass can be used with Nysse traffic and at the city’s indoor swimming pools and gyms. Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tampere Art Museum and Sara Hildén Art Museum offer free entrance.

Residents can apply for the active pass in connection with submitting an income support application or with a separate application.

The aid granted by the city totals EUR 50 and will be loaded on a travel card. The aid is granted twice a year. The personal contribution is EUR 5 each time.

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Night fare 24 am - 4.40 am

An additional night fare is charged when you travel with season ticketvalue ticket or pay a single ticket.

  • Season or Value Ticket + night fare using Value Ticket €3,00 (charged automatically)
  • Mobile single ticket + night fare  €3,00 (charged automatically)
  • Season ticket, value ticket or single ticket with cash + night fare with cash €3,50.

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