Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center

Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center is located 6 km from the center of Tampere, near the Pirkkala border. You can easily reach the exhibitions and events by Nyssen services.

Bus 12 runs to the exhibition center daily from Tampere and Pirkkala. Buses 101 and 102 are in service during major events.

Osta matkalle vyöhykkeiden AB kertalippu Nysse Mobiilista.101 Tampere - Exhibition center

You can get on the bus from Central Square (Keskustori), Koskipuisto and Ratina bus station. The bus stops are just a short walk from Tampere Train Station. The bus serves every 5-10 minutes in each direction. Travel time to the exhibition center is about 15 minutes.

Schedules for the days of events can be found at the Journey Planner ›

102 Western Tampere - Exhibition center

You can get on the bus from Lielahti and Tesoma. The bus runs a direct route to the exhibition center (Tampere's western ring road) in about half an hour. You can easily change to bus 102 at Tesoma, where trains from Nokia also stop. The bus serves every 30 minutes in both directions.

Schedules for the days of events can be found at the Journey Planner ›


Kertalippu on helppo ostaa ennen matkaa Nysse Mobiilista. Lippu on voimassa 90 minuuttia ostohetkestä alkaen.You will need a ticket for at least two zones (AB) for the trip. Buy a single ticket on the bus with contactless payment (all age groups € 2.70) or a moment before the trip from the Nysse Mobiili app:

  • Adults (25 years and older) € 2.70
  • Youth (17 to 24 years old) € 2.00
  • Children (7 to 16 years old) € 1.35

Tickets are valid for 90 minutes from the time of purchase. Please note that you can only pay for one person's trip with the same contactless payment instrument (payment card or mobile application). From Nysse Mobiili app you can buy tickets for more passengers.

Other payment methods

You can also use a travel card on all buses. Order the card well in advance from the Nella.fi online store (delivery time 1-2 weeks) or shop at Nysse's customer service (open Mon-Fri 9-16).

A single ticket can be purchased from the driver in cash (adults and young people € 3.50, children € 1.50), but we recommend using the above payment methods. It is a good idea for a cash user to prepare for cash or to use the smallest banknotes, as the bus exchange is small for security reasons.