Haurala - Lempäälä

Line 303 is part of the robot bus trial. The bus operates on route Haurala - Lempäälä.

  • Tickets: The service is free during the trial phase.
  • Service hours: Monday - Friday from 6 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Timetables: Nysse Journey Planner

Line 301 is part of the robot bus trial. The traffic is implemented as part of the EU's SHOW project and in cooperation with Nysse.

Safety information

You travel in seats on the bus. The use of seat belts is mandatory. The standing places are not in use.

The bus has a security driver and surveillance cameras. The bus is also monitored from Remoted's remote operation center.

The maximum speed of the robot bus is 40 km/h. Driving speed depends on the part of the route, conditions and other road users. With the help of its sensors, the bus moves along a predefined route, observing the environment and obstacles all the time. When detecting an obstacle, the bus either stops, passes the obstacle independently or asks the safety driver to authorize the passing.

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