If a passenger is not able to produce a valid ticket, he or she is charged a penalty fare of 80 euros and the price of a single (or value) ticket.

The penalty fare can be issued for example:

  • if you have no ticket (unless you are allowed to travel without a ticket)
  • you have not placed the travelcard to the card reader
  • you have a personal ticket you are not eligible for (eg. student tickets, school tickets, Nysse+VR)
  • the ticket is outdated or not valid
  • the ticket is for the wrong age group (with holder-specific tickets only a senior may travel with another senior's ticket, with adult's ticket may travel adult/young person/child, with a young person's ticket may travel another young person or a child, and with a child's ticket only another child).
  • you are travelling in a zone your ticket is not valid for
  • your travelcard is closed

Paying the penalty fare

According to the law, you must be able to prove your indentity when demanded by the inspector. The penalty fare cannot be payd in the inspection situation by cash or using bank or credit cards.

If you were issued a penalty fare, you can send appeal to The City Parking Control:

The City Parking Control


email: pysakoinninvalvonta@tampere.fi

tel: 03 5656 4799

Frenckellinaukio 2 B
postiosoite PL 487
33100 Tampere

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